Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This was done on the fourth day of the workshop. Fred Graff really stresses design over technique. Out of 20 students, all of but 5 had studied with him previously. And I won "Best in Show" with this piece. I was really pleased and won a tube of watercolor (M.Graham)Those paints really do stay moist as I found out, just tip the palette a little and it runs all over. Guess you need to let them dry out a little on the palette.

I did this watercolor before I went to the workshop last week. It is from a photo of the hen house from the first workshop. I got good remarks from Fred Graff and he recommended a few minor changes. I really like the colorful vibrancy.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Tomorrow I will post a few watercolors. I went to a four day watercolor workshop with Fred Graff. He is fantastic and really stresses design. I learned so much. I continued to do my value studies and worked with his design elements also. I have been very frustrated since the workshop. I know what I want to achieve and I can get the design and value study but the watercolors are another thing! I feel more confidant with oils.

Park of Roses

This was a fun paint. The Park of Roses had a festival and invited artist to paint during it. While others chose small areas, I had to paint the whole park!!

The doghouse

If I can't upright this will have to edit later. Done at a friend's house one early morning. I have been painting, just not posting!

Through the trees

This was done during a demo at the art center from a photo. Still did the value study and getting more adept at the palette knife. Still frustrating at times, though

Abandoned farm

This was done at an Abandoned dairy farm. It worked out well. I am learning to use the knife better and always doing a value study in my sketch book first.

Kingwood Lillies

Actually this is the Kingwood palette knife painting done after the workshop.

The hens

I love this little painting. The hens were so cute perched on that bar. It was early morning and the light was interesting in the shadows. Hard to photo as the painting is dark.

Value Study

This was the value study in oil done in Debra Dawson's workshop.

Kingwood Fountain

This was done at Kingwood Gardens. The reflections on the fountain were spectacular. I am pleased with this painting. This was done before the Dawson palette knife workshop

Mifflin Lake Bridge

I had trouble photographing this one. Lots of glare. I really like the original. I did the value study and am learning to use the knife. At times frustrating as sometimes the paint won't go on the canvas, or won't go on top of other paint. Debra taught you do it with a feather touch. My hand shakes or jerks and it goes where I don't want it!

Not so hot blogger

It is just so difficult to photo a painting well and then upload. This is a painting of my house after taking a palette knife workshop with Debra Dawson. My workshop paintings are not worthy of showing but I learned so much. Especially to do a value study before painting. I have been lazy previously. It does take a little time to do it but the painting results are tremendous as you will see in the next paintings. The workshop was very cold and windy. It made it difficult to do plein air, to work with the palette knife and the value study, all new in a two day workshop. Debra is a fantastic teacher talking about why she was doing what while she was demonstrating. She made us do a value study in grays in oils before our painting.