Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ohio Plein Air Society annual Meeting with demos

Fantastic meeting! Carl Dalio did an amazing demo with a slide show. He is a great teacher with a exceptional sense of humor. That caused me to buy his video and sign up for his workshop at the OPAS(Ohio Plein Air Society)Competition at Lakeside Ohio in September. I have already watched the video and incorporated some of the lessons in my watercolor class to my students. Dance with the brush he says and all my future paintings will be dancing with the brush. Dance one color into another and let it paint itself. I love his limited palette and will attempt to use his colors for awhile and see how I like them
On another note the dentist loved the Morning Breakers and commissioned another painting of the Put-in-Bay area.
And I have had students in consecutive classes for three sessions now. And I was so glad to add some more techniques today to class.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Morning Breakers

This was a commission with a lot of free rein. Lake Erie scene for a dentist's office. I wanted something calming and pleasant. The area is around the wildlife center between Catawba and Toledo. I truly want to go back there this Spring when the wading birds are migrating. So I put in the darling little Sandpipers that run back and forth around the waves and I wanted a pleasant scene so I did a morning sky. The painting was a success. It will hang in a show in April in Mansfield, but the dentist claimed it and ordered another painting.

Moped Rental

This was a commission and a real challenge. I had done one before with just the scoot cars and the gift was well received and a friend of the owner saw it and loved it so the owner of the first painting commissioned another with the mopeds. He liked it so well that a print was made and given to the friend and the owner now has two paintings of the Moped Rental. It is an 8x10 oil. I blew the photo up to 8x10 and worked on spots of color, especially with the mopeds.