Saturday, October 15, 2011

Schnormeier Garden Waterfall

Painted plein Air today, October 15, 2011. This will most likely be my last plein air painting this year unless we get some warmer days. This was painted on an outing to the Schnormeier Gardens, near Gambier OH. There are hundreds of views and I will be anxious to go back in the Spring and spend the day painting. Today was cold and very windy. I didn't think ahead that being near the waterfall would be colder also! I love doing water and there are many falls and streams in this garden. I can see some things I may change. The falls need to be broken up a bit, too much of that white sliver! Had a good time!

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  1. I think I may be caught up. I need to post more often. The only paintings I have not photoed and posted are the ones from the OPAS Holmes County, that may be entered in the 2012 Anniversary Show.