Thursday, February 20, 2014

New paintings, and Sold paintings, Lily Pads, Peacock.

 Had lunch with two friends who bought these two painings. We had a great lunch and talked about our summer jobs.

Roaring Water 11x14 Oil
Worked some more on this yesterday. Changed a lot of rocks Warmed up the rocks, worked on the island.. I actually worked on it later and didn't photo the latest update.

Morning Glow 9x12 Watercolor
I was fascinatred by the light in this photo. Quite a lot of planning went into this, deciding what colors to use in the trees, the pink snow. I am pleased the way it turned out.

Sundown 7x9 Watercolor

I am fascinated by the light in this photo also. I trhink I may need to work on the shap of the sun tomorrow. This weekend I need to frame and get seven paintings ready for a Sale the First of March. Also need to add paintings to my website.

Also need to upload some paintings to my print website

And.....start working on my newsletter and plan another painting for tomorrow.

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