Friday, March 3, 2017

French door

9x12 Coming Home in France, It dried after the first layer so it was harder to paint the next layer. It is still very wet.

 Peonies and Blue Jar 9x12. You can see I took the shutter out and I like it much better.

 I also reworked this one Hat and Roses. I took the background out  and changed the roses some.And some of the same on the Rose Bouquet. I feel the rose bouquet has too much in it.

I chose to blur the background of this bouquet since it is an 8x8.

The problem with this technique is you have to complete the painting from start to finish as you want the bottom transparent layer to be wet as you work into it with the opaques. It doesnt work if the bottom layer is dry. I have much work to do mastering the technique.