Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Painting Paths of Light

After listening to Artists Helping Artists on Blog Talk Radio, I have learned so much about marketing. You can listen to all the series at. www.Artistshelpingartistsblog.blogspot.com. So much information. I decided my theme would be Painting Paths of Light as I am intrigued by paths and I love the light in paintings.I would like to get her widget (Leslie Saeta) on this blog as she is so great at helping artists. I also made up a new business card today with the following picture on it.

Both these paintings were accepted into the Mansfield Art Center's May Show. It will be interesting on Sunday, May 5 opening to see the show as usually most of the art is innovative and unusual and not representational. I loved doing both of these paintings as they have paths with light beyond to intrique you, just as our own paths are uncertain and we are always looking for the light.

Forest Glow 9x12 oilo

Mystery Mail 8x10 oil although this photo is cropped strangely!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Carmel Mission and Welcome IN oil paintings

Finally worked on the bell from standing out too much. This is one of my favorite paintings and the first one done after the Kenn Backhaus workshop. He challenged me to look at things differently.

This painting was done next. The photo had a new blue door and the building was of logs . I changed a lot of features and it was all very frustrating, so I see why Kenn said, "When you change things not there, you have trouble! So true.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

SOLD! I have always loved this little piece. The house is now gone. There used to be a dairy farm here and it is gone also.  So happy for the sale!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Still catching up on these posts. My iPad is full and my good camera is full so will have to photo tomorrow after deleteing some photos and videos. Those will be photos of the workshop work done in the Kenn Backhaus workshop which was incredible. I learned so much and believe my work will improve immensely.  This painting was done after the workshop and I believe it is my best work. I am going to tone down the bell but that is all. Can't wait to continue painting!
This is the third paintalong in March. I really liked the light coming through to the fountain. The picture did not have that light on it. This was an 11x14 also. I have loved all the lessons from Johannes and really believe he has made me a better painter.
This was the second paintalong. Johannes did his 11x14 and I chose to do mine 8x10. I love the colors and am very happy with this one. I made the vine different from Johannes and the background is changed somewhat. I really enjoyed painting this one.
This was a paintalong with Johannes Vloothaus in March. I changed some things and definitely the boat. It was a challenging painting and was done in about 7 hours. It is an 11x14, somewhat large for me. It was difficult to get all the sides and shades of the houses as the photo did not have the light on it like I wanted in the painting.