Thursday, November 2, 2017

Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcakes

I have gotten hooked on painting cupcakes! With a sprinkle donut in the middle. It has been so much fun and I have put them in the Mansfield Art Center's Christmas Show and the Galion Brush and Palette Art Gallery Hope people want them for their kitchen or a bedroom of a child or just as a gift to someone who likes special cupcakes.These are all oils, 6x6 and have a hanger in the back and an easel that comes with it. I will be painting more. The donut is sold and was a challenge

A Pina Colada.

 Chocolate Fudge

Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake
Chocolate and Strawberry

Princess and Blueberry

Cherry Delight

I have also been painting sunflower bouquets 6x6 and 8x8 oils. I am trying to paint everyday but expect to have some construction done soon so don't know how that will effect my painting. This weekend I will volunteer Saturday and Sunday for the intaking of art for the Mansfield Art Center's Christmas Show and Sale. Now I need to post some of the paintings on my website but I photo too soon and have glare on some as they are not dry!! These are all out at shows so won't get photoed again unless they don't sell. I think my great granddaughters would like a Princess cupcake!  Have a great November.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

One Woman Show, Judy Fischer Walton, Galion, Ohio

So busy getting ready for this that I forgot to Blog about it!  The Open House was so nice thanks to everyone who hung the show and made tags, brought snacks and ATTENDED! The Show will be available through August. The Gallery hours are Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12-6pm

Now to get back to painting. I have not done much plein air paintings.. Just an ink and watercolor.

I have started an oil 8x10. My Black-eyed Susans are really prolific right now and I brought some in to paint.Should have that done in a day or two and will post it. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Once Upon a Time in Provence Class and other paintings

  Almost 2 months have gone by without posting and I don't even know if anyone is reading them.I have been doing the French Course with Dreama Tolle Perry.  It is so much more than demos.

 A lot has happened in the two months, I was let go from my job, as they changed the job description to include heavy labor. It was a real disappointment. I have been doing some volunteer work at the Mansfield Art Center, working on a commission, and working on some paintings.

 I am still working on the Once Upon a Time in Provence  and will post those paintings. I have quite a few to go but have been doing some of my own also. Dreama does 1-2 demos in each of the 6 modules and then posts some extra photos that we can do our own work. I have loved this course and hope to do her Italian one later. The technique is to put a transparent layer down as a block in, Then sketch with a tool and then the opaque layer leaving some of the transparent layer with these beautiful bright colors!

 This was a bonus painting from a picture of Dreama's

 Lavandar Fields 8x8 oil

 Workshop demos Cafe Umbrellas 12x12 oil

Strawberry Basket 9x12 oil
Bonus photos    Vases of Roses 8x10 oil
 Poppy Field 9x12 oil
 Hat and Roses 8x10 Oil

The following are my own paintings.I am looking forward to some blooms in the garden to inspire me.I really like the square format, too.

Peonies and blue Jar 8x10 oil

 Pink Poppies 8x8 oil

5 Sunflowers 8x10 oil

 Malabar Farm 8x8 oil

Peony Pot 8x8 oil

This was from one of Dreama photos.

My garden and lawn are cleaned up and it will be planting and mowing next and I hope more plein air painting and in  painting in my studio. I am learning so much so want to put that learning to good use. I also need to spend some time on my website at Weebly to update.

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Friday, March 3, 2017

French door

9x12 Coming Home in France, It dried after the first layer so it was harder to paint the next layer. It is still very wet.

 Peonies and Blue Jar 9x12. You can see I took the shutter out and I like it much better.

 I also reworked this one Hat and Roses. I took the background out  and changed the roses some.And some of the same on the Rose Bouquet. I feel the rose bouquet has too much in it.

I chose to blur the background of this bouquet since it is an 8x8.

The problem with this technique is you have to complete the painting from start to finish as you want the bottom transparent layer to be wet as you work into it with the opaques. It doesnt work if the bottom layer is dry. I have much work to do mastering the technique.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The French experience,, Nutella and Strawberries

6x6 Strawberry Heaven
My little Cream Puff! Exciting to do. I am loving the process of the wet block in , then the pure paint on top. I am learning so much. This is still week one of the course. I have been listening to a playlist of French songs and watching my dream video of lavender blowing in the breeze.

This is an 8x10  Peonies in Blue JarI still do not like the shutter and plan to  brush it out and blend it. Below is a photo of No Sugar Added Shortbread cookie with Nutella and a Strawberry. Delicious and I may paint these!

 I have more Bonus photos to paint but they need to wait.  This past week was so busy,  My daughter and I went to see PARIS GLOW  the bridges of Paris, all black and white photos taken at night at the Mansfield Art Center. Then to Malabar Farm State Park for dinner and tour. We got to sit at the family table since it was my birthday and then toured the home, which had many French articles as the Bromfield family lived in Paris for fourteen years until WWII started. I was immersed in the French Adventure.

"Come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned." Peter Pan

Il est temps detre heureux (It is the  time to be happy)

"Actually the best gift you could giver was a lifetime of adventures" Lewis Carroll , Alice in Wonderland
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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

French Bonbon and Cherry Delight paintings and the French experience.

Bon Jour
My beret, found in my Mom's Red Hat Collection
This is a new start with Dreama Toll e Perry's class "Once Upon a Time in Provence. What an exciting online experience.  Not only do we learn to paint but learn French words and phrases, get French movie recommendations, French recipes, Music, Meditation, and so much positive encouragement.  I am loving this new technique of oil painting .

 I am trying to keep up with my art journal and my regular journal also. .This morning  I went to a Balance Class  and really liked it. It was a good workout. Then I walked the dog between rain showers.

This is the underpainting of The Petite Bonbon

The Petite Bonbon 6x6 Oil

Cherry Delight 6x6 Oil.

This is surely a challenging experience. Putting on all that transparent color with the medium, then putting regular paint, with no medium on top. Sometimes having to use a butterfly touch as Debra Joyce Dawson taught me. Today I will work on another sweet treat with a strawberry. 
Au Revoir! until next week

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Roses, Hat and more roses

I am not happy with these two extra paintings from the course. They are 8x10 oils. They don't have the vibrancy of the former paintings. I have a lot to learn in these techniques and I prefer my own compositions. Like the one below

6x6 oil Grocery Store Bouquet
This was another fun painting and I am happy with it!

                                  This painting was done for my daughter's fiance for Christmas.

                                          8x10 oil Moose Surprise. I got much praise for this abstract wildlife                                                        painting

This way of painting is certainly a challenge and I have much work to do in learning how to work it with my own style. That first block in layer with thin oil makes it very difficult to put on more paint in the second layer and drawing with the scraper tool is a challenge also. I really need to be drawing everyday and should be able to accomplish it now that I am not working. I am looking forward to being able to do more plein air painting now that I am not going to be working in the summer. I will miss the job and the money but things change , So I will paint ON!

I will start next Saturday, Feb.4  for the next online program with Dreama Tolle Perry in her series, "Once a Time in Provence". I really need more instruction in this course to get the technique down.

Then hope to do a better job with my Blog, my newsletter and my websites. One of my mottoes,
So more painting!