Monday, May 30, 2011

Kingwood Mansion

Painted this today (Memorial Day,2011) Very hot, 92 degrees, buggy with all the rain this year. Difficult to design as there was so much lawn but I didn't want the Mansion to be the center of interest. I think I am getting better at trees but still have problems with my greens.

Memorial Day 2011

This this weeks's Daily Paintworks Challenge,OUTSIDE MY WINDOW. I actually painted outside my front door! Had a hard time designing the flag. It was blowing pretty good. 92 degrees today. Attempted to design a composition so that the piller wasn't in the middle of the canvas and the flag was in the upper right third of the canvas. And then there were all those greens!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Malabar View

This was done plein air at Malabar Farm last Saturday 5/21,2011. It was one of the first nice days we have had here in Ohio.I got the background a little wet and it was difficult to put it cooler. I changed some of the tree shapes and some of the shadows to make a more pleasing painting.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kitten Challenge

This weeks DPW challenge. I loved doing this as I so love cats. I almost changed the background but decided to keep the color and attempt to make it look like a pillow couch. I made the kitten not as dark for a softer effect. I am loving these challenges as it puts me on a time schedule and I get more experience painting!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Yellow Pepper

This week's Daily Paintworks Challenge, Paint a Vegetable. I am trying to do a color per stroke. Gosh, all those yellows, over-painted. but turned out okay. I learn so much from these challenges.

It's Me

Last week's Daily Paintworks Challenge, self-portrait. I think it is pretty good!

Cherry Tree

Third Plein Air...really working on trees. Difficult to get the blooms without getting spotty. Pretty happy with this except my photos are eliminating some of yellow. Probably this cloudy weather!

Crab apple trees at Kingwood

Second plein air painting at Kingwood Center.

Spring Hill Farm

Painted this between rainstorms in Holmes County OH on May 1st for the start of the Plein Air Society's 2012 Anniversary Exhibition. A challenge, rain, clouds, wind and a strong odor of cow manure in the barns we used as a windbreak. First plein air of the season...feels like starting all over again.

Final painting of Autumn stream

Redone. moved the focal point to the second best place, repainted trees, all with different belt sizes. Much happier with this.

Grey scale of Autumn River

Here is the grey scale on this painting. Pretty dull, needs more value changes, the tree spaces are equal and the trees are equal in size and my center of intrest needs new placement. It is the last best place for a focal point!