Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beartooth Snow

Another winter pastel done earlier.

Beartooth in Sunset

This was done several years ago but wanted to enter it into a local Winter Festival show. I had fun doing pastels but just got caught up with the oils. I love the colors and the soft feeling of this painting.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Autumn Pathway

I completed this oil this week. I was inspired by the darkness behind the path and the brilliance of the trees. This is a studio painting as the weather was so cold and wet. Darn, its a long time to Spring!

Yupo Leo

Since I have spent many hours campaigning for my daughter who is running for Financial Director for my city I have not been painting as much. This painting of my cat Leo was done earlier. It was fun to work on the Yupo and I plan to do more of it. My cats inspire me and I am currently working on an oil of my cat who passed away recently.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Scruffy Dog

This was done for a commission for a gift. Cute little scruffy dog from out West. I did this with inktense pencils.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Portrait of Rusty

This is a portrait of my dog Rusty. Done in pastel 10 x 14. I am hoping to do more pet portraits, especially now since the weather has changed. A friend and I were to go plein air painting today but after walking Rusty this morning at 41 degrees with rain in the air I passed it up. Just too cold and dark. I know I am wimpy! But those fingers don't work well when they are cold and stiff!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Portrait of a Songdog

Beginning a Pet Portrait Fan Page. This is a Limited Edition Print of an original pastel of mine. Print size 18 1/2 X 22. Image size 14x18. There were 450 signed and numbered with 50 Artist's proofs. S/N $45 AP $60 $10 shipping and handling.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I am thrilled! This painting was a Runner-up in the People's Choice Award for the show Breath of Fresh Air, a plein air show, at the High Roads Gallery in Worthington, Ohio. I am so happy that so many people chose this one that they liked.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Schnormeier Garden Waterfall

Painted plein Air today, October 15, 2011. This will most likely be my last plein air painting this year unless we get some warmer days. This was painted on an outing to the Schnormeier Gardens, near Gambier OH. There are hundreds of views and I will be anxious to go back in the Spring and spend the day painting. Today was cold and very windy. I didn't think ahead that being near the waterfall would be colder also! I love doing water and there are many falls and streams in this garden. I can see some things I may change. The falls need to be broken up a bit, too much of that white sliver! Had a good time!

Falling Leaves

I just had to do another painting this day, Oct. 11, 20ll, It was just too beautiful to pass up. I am so sad to see the leaves falling. They stay so brilliant for so little time.

Autumn Colors

This is my favorite painting for the month! It was such fun to paint. I painted with Sharon and this was her daughter's place. A great number of views to paint but I especially liked the back lit field and my trees came out well.One of the last warm days of October I fear.

Fall Brilliance

This painting was done October 9, 2011 back in a lane with a lone barn. I took my husky, Rusty with me and he was so good. We walked around, took pictures and settled on this view. It is getting late in the season and the leaves and color will be gone soon. I hope to paint from my photos that I took this day.

Carpenter Inn Garden

This was my last painting for the Competition. A lovely garden where I stayed. These paintings were done down in Southern Ohio, old coal mining country and I would still be lost wondering around on those dirt and gravel roads if I hadn't borrowed a GPS!

Carpenter Inn Pond

This was my second painting done after I finished the former pond picture. I ran out of time and don't know if I may leave it as is. It has a loose quality to it.

Weather for Ducks

This was my first painting after getting my boards stamped in Athens for the OPAS competition. It was cloudy and it did rain halfway through the painting but I had put a 5 can soup recipe in my crockpot and it was perfect coming in from the rain, and it poured while I had lunch and then the sun came out and I finished up the painting.

Morning Rising

This was my one of the paintings Done in Athens, Ohio for the Ohio Plein Air Society Competition. A fantastic view with the fog in the valley beyond. Almost too vast to paint. But it was so inspiring I had to do it. This was the painting that I entered in the Competition. I did not win anything but the competition was fierce!