Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rose Mallow #2 demo and studio

I am loving my picture of Guy Dennis's Prairie Pond and the Rose Mallows and chose to paint it as a demo for the Portrait Club of Mid-Ohio last Monday evening. We originally planned it a week ago but the weather was so bad that it was postponed until this past Monday. Incredibly since I had done and 8x10 of it the two weeks before at a class in my home I got this demo done in an hour and 45 minutes! Next month I have another demo talking about plein air painting with another artist who will demo in pastel and I will do the same painting in oil. Time is a factor so we have both chosen to work with this same painting.
The snow and cold has been limiting but I am getting much done. Spent all last week cleaning my studio. I can now find things! All the watercolor things are together, as is the oils, the pastels. This old house doesn't have much closet space so I have to make due with bought sets of drawers, and cupboards.Luckily I have patio doors with North light. I still have some drawers to go through. This is my dining room turned studio.My table has two leaves that pulled out I can get four students around for a class. I have a small round table in my living room that serves as a dining table. I have gone through my bookcases and weeded out a lot of books , art , gardening, etc that will be given away.
Still seems cluttered and I should limit my self to one medium but unable.
At any rate, the next thing to do is work on my websites, and then my newsletter for February. Plus PAINT. Sorry this weather is not inspiring me to plein air paint so I need to get inspired by some photographs!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Rose Mallows and Golden Morning oil demos

These two 8x10 oils were done in my home classes as demos.I do need to photo better but so hard to do with this weather. Snow, snow and cold. Just can't go out on my porch or deck so can't upload to my newsletter or my websites.

I have been taking advantage of being inside and have been cleaning and decluttering. This week it will be the dining room which is my studio. It has stacks of stuff which needs to be sorted. Today I went through my bookcase and weeded out alot of books, including art books. My daughter will get first choice then my art friends, then Goodwill. I feel good about this weeding out and am sure once the studio gets done I will feel more like painting.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Prairie paintings, etc.

I am thrilled that the top painting sold at the Springfield Museum, Ohio Plein Air Society show, "Ohio Prairies, a Year in the Life. The Painting was in the show's program and also was chosen to be in the Sunday Columbus Dispatch before it was sold.

The second painting was another prairie painting done at Gorman Nature Center.

I gave up on the 30 day challenge as I felt as if I was just turning out paintings and the quality of the paintings were not what I wanted although it was fun to work on the Yupo paper.

I have been doing some teaching, and have three students. I have been demonstrating as we paint together and that seems to be working well. I have also taking Johannes Vloothaus's Impressionistic Cityscape classes. Next Monday Feb 1 I will do a demo for the portrait club.

I have also started an 18x24 oil for my daughter-in-law. So I have been busy! I am hoping to blog once a week.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

#7 Mountain Winter

Finally finished #7. Yupo with Watercolor. I am loving this medium. Love the sky and the trees. Composition could be better.

#6 Tranquil Morning

Yesterday was spent putting all Christmas Decorations away and the tree ornaments away and rewiring the tree with LED lights and putting it in the basement. So today I painted this Tranquil Morning scene and will paint another painting after my lunch. The temperature was 8 degrees and the wind was blowing. Needless to say, I am staying in! I was inspired by the snow we have and designed the scene to include some wildlife.I also wanted to practice some evergreens. The photograph ended up very pink as my Ott light died so will photograph better later.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Roses #5

#5 Roses. Again the Yupo paper with watercolor. It is amazing the combinations and the color blending that happen. I chose the Roses as I seem to be on a flower kick. The roses are from my last roses of the season that I brought in the house before a frost and then photographed. I am also getting a class together at home...hopefully four people which makes a nice group and I can spend time with each one. This will start next Tuesday in the afternoon. So I need to spend some time planning for that. Will definitely have Christmas decorations done by Sunday evening! Lots of paperwork to get done and income tax to work on. I have a meeting tonight and later tonight a big snow is coming in. The high is 13 degrees today. Cold, cold. I really don't want to go out but need to see some of the people I haven't seen since before I was working at Kingwood.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Basket #4

Christmas Basket. This is #4 of the 30 day challenge. Again I am playing with Yupo paper with watercolor. It is not perfect but it was fun. It was so much warmer 44 degrees so I took all the outside decorations down and put them away. Now it is 34 degrees and snowing. We are to have a high of 14 tomorrow so maybe between getting the inside decorations put away then I can spend more time painting. I need to make a list so I know what I am painting the next day.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

#3 African Violet

African Violet watercolor on Yupo paper. I am really having fun with this Yupo paper. I may be painting Poinsettias for tomorrow. I picked up my paintings from the Mansfield Art Center from the Christmas Show. Jerry kept three paintings, two of them prairie paintings. Then I worked on noting where all my paintings are out to...tomorrow noting new paintings and cleaning up last year's paperwork. Worked on my income tax, too. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a few paintings done ahead and start to clean up the Christmas decorations.
Yesterday my daughter Linn and I drove to Springfield, Ohio about 1 1/2 hours away to see the Ohio Plein Air Show at Springfield Museum of Art titled "Ohio Prairies: A Year in the Life". It was a fabulous show with such varied creative works. It was an honor to have two paintings selected for this show. I also was amazed that one of my paintings was in the program. I am so glad that I got the last program that was there. I am sure there will be more printed as the show lasts until February 22. My painting is in the center of the three. Actually all of the three are from this area of Ohio. Jane Johnson and Mary Ann Clady respectfully. Today is #3 for the 30 day challenge so I need to get busy. I will take down Christmas decorations a little at a time and eventually it will all be put away. It is freezing rain this morning and later today or maybe tomorrow I need to pick up work I have from the Mansfield Art Center Christmas event.

Friday, January 2, 2015

#2 Red Cyclamen

Working on the Yupo paper is so much fun! A little more faster brushstokes than the #1 painting. Will have to try some more flower paintings tomorrow. Painted this one ahead as I am planning to go to Springfield today to see the "Prairies: A year in the Life" show with my daughter. Excited to see how they hung my two paintings that were juried in.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

#1 of 30 New Year's Day Red Cyclamen

# 1 of the 30 paintings in 30 days. Red Cyclamen. I was inspired by the brilliant color in my sunny window. I also was ready to play with the watercolor on Yupo. One gets such exciting colors running together and if something is off you can just wipe it and start over. Now off to pack up the pork and saurkraut to go to my son's and watch the OSU and Alabama bowl game. Go OSU! and Happy New Year to all!