Thursday, April 27, 2017

Once Upon a Time in Provence Class and other paintings

  Almost 2 months have gone by without posting and I don't even know if anyone is reading them.I have been doing the French Course with Dreama Tolle Perry.  It is so much more than demos.

 A lot has happened in the two months, I was let go from my job, as they changed the job description to include heavy labor. It was a real disappointment. I have been doing some volunteer work at the Mansfield Art Center, working on a commission, and working on some paintings.

 I am still working on the Once Upon a Time in Provence  and will post those paintings. I have quite a few to go but have been doing some of my own also. Dreama does 1-2 demos in each of the 6 modules and then posts some extra photos that we can do our own work. I have loved this course and hope to do her Italian one later. The technique is to put a transparent layer down as a block in, Then sketch with a tool and then the opaque layer leaving some of the transparent layer with these beautiful bright colors!

 This was a bonus painting from a picture of Dreama's

 Lavandar Fields 8x8 oil

 Workshop demos Cafe Umbrellas 12x12 oil

Strawberry Basket 9x12 oil
Bonus photos    Vases of Roses 8x10 oil
 Poppy Field 9x12 oil
 Hat and Roses 8x10 Oil

The following are my own paintings.I am looking forward to some blooms in the garden to inspire me.I really like the square format, too.

Peonies and blue Jar 8x10 oil

 Pink Poppies 8x8 oil

5 Sunflowers 8x10 oil

 Malabar Farm 8x8 oil

Peony Pot 8x8 oil

This was from one of Dreama photos.

My garden and lawn are cleaned up and it will be planting and mowing next and I hope more plein air painting and in  painting in my studio. I am learning so much so want to put that learning to good use. I also need to spend some time on my website at Weebly to update.

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