Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Forest Glow

This painting was done prior to the crocus painting. I was inspired by a photo of the light shining in the background. I added the light in the foreground shining through the trees. Lots of paint again. Always a challenge for me. I am happy with this painting. I painted the whole background before putting in the dark trees. I am intrigued by light and shadow and continue to attempt getting a "glow".

Spring Break

This 8x8 oil was the last painting that I did 2 days ago. I am entering it in a National Small Works show so will let you know how it is recieved. I am so anxious for Spring! I actually took two photos and put them together in a composition. I used lots of paint and impressionistic strokes especially in the background

Monday, March 11, 2013

Italian Dream

This is large for me.11x14 oil. It was done in an online lesson, a paint a long with Johannes Vloothaus. It is different from his as I changed the boat and some of the buildings and background. I have learned so much from this man. Been studying with him for three years now, online. He changed so much from the original photo as did I. He did it to make a better painting.For instance, changing the shape of the hills to make them more interesting, to make a melodic line, changing the dock posts to be more interesting and lean toward the rest of the picture to draw your eye in, making trees more melodic. My painting is still very wet and so there is glare, but it is raining today and cannot photograph outside.

Friday, March 8, 2013

I am really happy with this painting. I got the warmth and the impressionistic brushstrokes on the tree. I could have brought the yellow branches on the left a little farther into the painting and may do it, but for now it is so wet with so much paint, I am going to let it dry a bit.

All this cold weather has made me think of the tropics! So I warmed up painting from some photos from Sheila Webster Boneham, who writes wonderful books about dogs, both non-fiction and fiction. I am really happy with my impressionistic brushstrokes on the palm leaves. Sheila's photos were so inspiring and it was so much fun creating the paintings.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Quiet Pasture

Finished this yesterday. Still working on getting a glow in an impressionistic way. I know I am not using enough paint. I am such a skin flint! The photo was much more green so I think I achieved getting a summer feel without the gaudy green. Always a challenge.