Sunday, July 3, 2011

Herb Garden 3

I love this painting. I love the shine that the medium gives me and finally feel like I am an artist!


Done Thursday June 30,2011 at Kingwood Gardens. The weather is finally cooperating. My painting has improved so much with the blocking in of local color with medium.


This was done June 29,2011 at Kingwood. I am really feeling good about the way I paint now.

Across the river

Third workshop painting. This is really working for me. Feel the light green is a little harsh but will leave it. The only workshop that I am getting decent paintings.

Sunset Farm

Second workshop painting done in the evening. Used the same method as previous painting. I really like working like this and my painting has improved.

After the rain

First workshop painting with Chris Leeper. Wonderful workshop. Main principles: Shapes, value, color, edges. It was partly cloudy so the block in was with local color. Used some painting medium and blocked in lightly, adjusting the values. The color dried quickly and I was able to apply wet paint on top, then got my close edges with some bright color. I like working like this.