Saturday, November 19, 2011

Red leaves in Winter

This was done on Yupo paper with Acrylic. It can still be wiped off as can watercolor but sometimes flakes off. A fun painting and done to show my class last Wed.


This was done to show my class before we started working on Yupo paper. I did this over about three times to get it better. That is the fun thing about Yupo. Don't like it, wipe it! Fun!This was done with watercolor.

Rottie Female

Finished this painting this week. A friend's Rottweiler. She is so alert and watchful.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Waiting, dog portrait

Finished this today. A challenge, doing those whites which aren't really white! I was inspired by the eyes on this dog and wanted to challenge myself to do a white dog.

Its my Bag!Cat in the Bag

I have always loved this picture. This cat was very possessive with paper bags and boxes. She passed away recently and I wanted to capture her in a painting. She was a velvety soft Tuxedo cat. She was irritable with the other two male cats and my sister called her "Meanie Queenie" She would not let the dog or other cats sleep on the my bed and screamed bloody murder if the other cats would threaten her.