Thursday, November 28, 2013

Zinnias and Holly paintings

Reworked this little 5x7 . I was unhappy with the background that I had originally painted in all that olive green so did some knife work on it.. A much better painting now.

After watching a webinar by Linda Kemp I attempted some negative painting in watercolor. Old habits continue! Found my self painting positively so had to redirect myself. It got darker than I wanted so had to scrub out the one corner. I love Strathmore's Gemini paper!

This is a work in progress. The plan is to not overwork it! Wish I would have left some white in the upper middle left! Still trying to come up with a Christmas painting for a Christmas card.

This weekend Northlight is giving 50% off everything so I ordered Linda's book Simplified Design and Color for Artists and also her Negative Painting Techniques for Acrylic. At $15 each and no shipping. I can use these in my classes.

I also signed up for Johnnes Vloothuis's three week online webinar for $11! 

I am bummed as will miss part of Saturdays webinar as I have to judge a  gingerbread house contest at Kingwood Center at 2 pm and buy poinsettias for my classes next week and the greenhouse at Kingwood doesn't open until 3pm. Everything happens at the same time around the holidays. At least the webinar will be available to download for free for whoever signs up. He is going to paint the Grand Canyon in oil on Saturday.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Juicy Holly and Snow painting connections with the darks
Holly and Snow, a better version.

What a difference in the photos. Cool light vs warm light!I will photo with my good camera when it dries some so there is no glare.
  At any rate if I would have followed the value study more I could have accomplished the painting sooner. Also the value study was too big, 81/2 by 11.Hope you can learn by my mistakes. "No matter how skillful you become, painting never actually gets free and easy. we all learn something each time we paint."
 I had put the value study aside and just painted! At any rate, I do feel the painting is overworked but it was fun. It is so wet with paint it will take a long while to dry.I also learned how to put wet paint on wet paint with a knife! 
 My intention was to do a Christmas card painting and the inspiration was that photo of Fall and Winter greens below. I think I want to do more of a simpler painting, perhaps watercolor.

 I watched a free webinar yesterday on watercolor, promoting a new book. Simpllifyinmg Design and Color for Artists by Linda Kemp. Wonderful and now I am excited about watercolor.I think I may purchase the book when it comes out in December and use the techniques in my watercolor classes starting in January.

I did purchase Richard Schmid's new book, ALLA PRIMA II. It is my Christmas present to myself. Ever since I have been single I buy myself a present since I don't have to buy a spouse or significant other a gift.It will take me some time to get through it. The paintings are beautiful in it. 
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Hope you all have a great week and remember there are no mistakes, only lessons.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Composition work.

As much as I love the knife work in this painting the composition has failed thus far. So I will be working on it this afternoon. The value thumbnail looked good small but I need to make some connections to the dark areas. This painting is so full of paint it is calling for the lightest touch of the knife or should I say the lightest touch of the paint to paint to get it to stick. The photo this time is more accurate to the colors than the earlier one. This painting is still exciting me and I am loving working with the palette knife.
Here are some little canvases and tags I picked up at Hobby Lobby this past week. I think they may make some nice little gifts. Will show you what I come up with when I do them. 

I did get my newsletter sent out earlier this week and have learned a lot since then so the next one will be much better and will have linkable links!

One thing certainly on my list is to organize my photos on the computer. I am getting too many and it is hard to find the ones I want to upload. I post for Kingwood Center. on Facebook twice a week and I have many Kingwood photos.

An upsetting event: My Facebook was hacked! One of my friends notified me that my name was being used to make a new Facebook site and asking my friends to friend that site. They used my picture and when someone friended the site,the scammer instant messaged them with my name and picture saying I had received $50000  and it was legitimate and to call a number and talk to an Atty who was a smooth talker and insisted that I had received the money and all they had to do was send some money to cover fees and the money would be theirs. Unfortunately one of my Facebook people fell for it. I was blocked from the site so those who got involved, I hope notified the authorities. I notified Facebook three times with what knowledge I had. I hope this is resolved now.  Please be aware.....Never send money to get money no matter what they say.!

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Have a great day and remember there are no mistakes, only lessons.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Newsletter and New work in progress

 The photo  is my inspiration. I loved the colors and the abstract shapes of the snow and foliage. I did a quick value study which I try to do with each painting when I design it. I mixed up some puddles of blue, white , lavender, permanent rose First.Then added some white to the colors for the lights. Then knifed in my darks and then the lights. I decided to add some spots of dark to make a better composition. Then decided I needed a spot of sunlight. The yellow white may be a little strong and may be muted tomorrow. My center of interest will be where the spot of red is in the upper right area. This is very heavily painted and will be a challenge to add paint on top of paint. It takes a very light touch.

I will work on this tomorrow afternoon as tomorrow morning I am volunteering in the office of Kingwood Center helping with mailings. Possibly mailing tickets to members for the Christmas House Tour in December.

Worked on my first newsletter and did get it sent today. I have a couple errors and need to learn how to make my websites clickable! Which I think I figured it out with this post.
Thought I would get this posted as it is windy, rainy and we are under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and a Tornado Watch.

My new website is up and running.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Life gets in the way of the Creative Life

This morning on my Facebook, I saw a beautiful photo of leaves, and snow and greenery from Kingwood Center. I want to paint something like that. I am so inspired that I want to leave my schedule today but I can't. A lunch calls, a storm door to be put up , walk the dogs, A newsletter to craft and paintings to post on my Fine Art America site. Hopefully this afternoon or if I hurry with the house cleaning, this morning.
Life certainly gets in the way of the creative life.So while I vacuum I will be considering what medium this painting will be. Oil, watercolor, acrylic, on paper or Yupo? Lately I have had a craving for Yupo. Next blog you will see what I decide.

I have much on my creative list: A Christmas card, a painting that can be printed for a free gift, posting, photographing paintings, newsletter, Just plain painting. I was thinking it is sunny and warmer and the outside holiday decorations could be started but ART is the priority here.

Here is another demo that I did in my Landscape Secrets class. This is an 8x10 oil.
 I have so much to teach. I have learned so much from workshops, books, videos and I can pass all that on to students. My Landscape Secrets class has been crafted from my studies with Johannes Vloothuis. Three years of his online classes and my own paintings have improved so much. This Saturday he is having a free demo at 1pm on composition which I won't miss! If you are interested I can  forward an email for you to sign up. He is also going to be doing a three week class on Saturdays starting Nov. 30. His site is 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A new website and newsletter.

This is a painting that I have been demonstrating in my Tuesday morning Landscape Secrets class. This original photo was from Johannes Vloothuis's online class. He is doing a free one hour class online this coming Saturday from one to 2pm on how he decides on photographs to do paintings and composition. I will definitely be watching as I have studied with him for almost three years now. If you are interested in this class, send me an email at and I will forward an email where you can sign up for the free class.
My Wednesday night class participants at Henne's Drafting and Art Supply ,are working on their own projects and I am helping by teaching and critiquing. Some students  have been with me for almost three years.There has been some interest in a watercolor class and that will most likely start in January.
I am going to do a one hour demo on Landscape Painting Secrets on Dec.7 at Henne's Drafting and Art Supply to spur some interest in the Landscape class at Henne's.

As some of you may know I am following Roos Schuring's Grow Your Art Business project. I have started a Mailchimp account and have asked many for their permission to receive my newsletter, which I hope to have out the beginning of the week. I will have current paintings, art tips, and what gets me excited to start creating. If you are reading this and wish to be on the newsletter list, email me at You can also sign up on this blog to get this blog.
I plan on putting many art lessons on this blog also.
I should have my new website up and running by the time you get the newsletter. Today I will be selecting paintings to go on the site and working on the newsletter.
I have also reduced my prices for my originals on Fine Art America. You can check them out at I will publish my new price list in the new newsletter.

I am so excited about this new project. I love teaching what I have learned in my art experience and hope that many of you benefit from what I can pass to you.
Thanks so much for reading. I sure would like your feedback.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Heron painting party       This is my new website that I am constructing. I am also on www.    I am now working on Roos Schuring's Grow Your Own Business project so hope to work steadily on this.

Below is the the Heron Painting Party that was done  the 25th of October. We had 14 people of whom some had never painted before. This was a private party where the participants brought appetizers and their drinks and painted following my demo. We had a great time and everyone was pleased with their painting.