Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Composition work.

As much as I love the knife work in this painting the composition has failed thus far. So I will be working on it this afternoon. The value thumbnail looked good small but I need to make some connections to the dark areas. This painting is so full of paint it is calling for the lightest touch of the knife or should I say the lightest touch of the paint to paint to get it to stick. The photo this time is more accurate to the colors than the earlier one. This painting is still exciting me and I am loving working with the palette knife.
Here are some little canvases and tags I picked up at Hobby Lobby this past week. I think they may make some nice little gifts. Will show you what I come up with when I do them. 

I did get my newsletter sent out earlier this week and have learned a lot since then so the next one will be much better and will have linkable links!

One thing certainly on my list is to organize my photos on the computer. I am getting too many and it is hard to find the ones I want to upload. I post for Kingwood Center. on Facebook twice a week and I have many Kingwood photos.

An upsetting event: My Facebook was hacked! One of my friends notified me that my name was being used to make a new Facebook site and asking my friends to friend that site. They used my picture and when someone friended the site,the scammer instant messaged them with my name and picture saying I had received $50000  and it was legitimate and to call a number and talk to an Atty who was a smooth talker and insisted that I had received the money and all they had to do was send some money to cover fees and the money would be theirs. Unfortunately one of my Facebook people fell for it. I was blocked from the site so those who got involved, I hope notified the authorities. I notified Facebook three times with what knowledge I had. I hope this is resolved now.  Please be aware.....Never send money to get money no matter what they say.!

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Have a great day and remember there are no mistakes, only lessons.

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