Friday, November 15, 2013

Life gets in the way of the Creative Life

This morning on my Facebook, I saw a beautiful photo of leaves, and snow and greenery from Kingwood Center. I want to paint something like that. I am so inspired that I want to leave my schedule today but I can't. A lunch calls, a storm door to be put up , walk the dogs, A newsletter to craft and paintings to post on my Fine Art America site. Hopefully this afternoon or if I hurry with the house cleaning, this morning.
Life certainly gets in the way of the creative life.So while I vacuum I will be considering what medium this painting will be. Oil, watercolor, acrylic, on paper or Yupo? Lately I have had a craving for Yupo. Next blog you will see what I decide.

I have much on my creative list: A Christmas card, a painting that can be printed for a free gift, posting, photographing paintings, newsletter, Just plain painting. I was thinking it is sunny and warmer and the outside holiday decorations could be started but ART is the priority here.

Here is another demo that I did in my Landscape Secrets class. This is an 8x10 oil.
 I have so much to teach. I have learned so much from workshops, books, videos and I can pass all that on to students. My Landscape Secrets class has been crafted from my studies with Johannes Vloothuis. Three years of his online classes and my own paintings have improved so much. This Saturday he is having a free demo at 1pm on composition which I won't miss! If you are interested I can  forward an email for you to sign up. He is also going to be doing a three week class on Saturdays starting Nov. 30. His site is 

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