Sunday, November 24, 2013

Juicy Holly and Snow painting connections with the darks
Holly and Snow, a better version.

What a difference in the photos. Cool light vs warm light!I will photo with my good camera when it dries some so there is no glare.
  At any rate if I would have followed the value study more I could have accomplished the painting sooner. Also the value study was too big, 81/2 by 11.Hope you can learn by my mistakes. "No matter how skillful you become, painting never actually gets free and easy. we all learn something each time we paint."
 I had put the value study aside and just painted! At any rate, I do feel the painting is overworked but it was fun. It is so wet with paint it will take a long while to dry.I also learned how to put wet paint on wet paint with a knife! 
 My intention was to do a Christmas card painting and the inspiration was that photo of Fall and Winter greens below. I think I want to do more of a simpler painting, perhaps watercolor.

 I watched a free webinar yesterday on watercolor, promoting a new book. Simpllifyinmg Design and Color for Artists by Linda Kemp. Wonderful and now I am excited about watercolor.I think I may purchase the book when it comes out in December and use the techniques in my watercolor classes starting in January.

I did purchase Richard Schmid's new book, ALLA PRIMA II. It is my Christmas present to myself. Ever since I have been single I buy myself a present since I don't have to buy a spouse or significant other a gift.It will take me some time to get through it. The paintings are beautiful in it. 
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Hope you all have a great week and remember there are no mistakes, only lessons.

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