Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This is how far I have progressed on this painting. I did not paint yesterday as I was working on income tax, adding to my website and working on my newsletter that I hope is completed today. All classes were cancelled the last two weeks due to the weather, extreme cold or lots of snow. Hopefully tonight we can begin again. After doing the 30 day challenge I need to look up some more photos to get inspired to paint. I am tired of snow and cold so will probably pick something spring-like. When I go to the grocery I will get some vegetables and fruit for some watercolors. Of the 30 paintings, three sold and they were all watercolors.
Bing Cherries went to California
 Bing Cherries 5x7 watercolor
Lily Pads 9x12 watercolor

Precious 9x12 watercolor    

Both of these went to local people. I am going to try very hard to paint everyday.

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