Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tabby Cat

Fixed that hard line on the left below his face, thanks to a remark from a friend. Much happier with this painting now.
Thanks to my son, my laptop is now free of those virus/bar control things and it is so much easier to post. Now I can get back to my newsletter, painting , etc.And thus, post my blog everyday. And best of all can post new paintings on my website which hasn't been done since the computer crash.
Today I will also be doing a paintalong with Johannes Vloothuis so I need to get my board ready. He will be doing a pastel, I believe but I will be doing an oil. My palette is a mess so that needs cleaned up and some clove oil added to my Palette Garage as I noticed the paints are getting hard, so that needs cleaned up and replenished before I can paint.
It is seven degrees here! Hard to even think about Plein Air Painting. I did get my copy of Plein Air yesterday and have been reading the articles and that
I will be back posting about how I start paintings, what inspires me and the process.

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