Thursday, November 28, 2013

Zinnias and Holly paintings

Reworked this little 5x7 . I was unhappy with the background that I had originally painted in all that olive green so did some knife work on it.. A much better painting now.

After watching a webinar by Linda Kemp I attempted some negative painting in watercolor. Old habits continue! Found my self painting positively so had to redirect myself. It got darker than I wanted so had to scrub out the one corner. I love Strathmore's Gemini paper!

This is a work in progress. The plan is to not overwork it! Wish I would have left some white in the upper middle left! Still trying to come up with a Christmas painting for a Christmas card.

This weekend Northlight is giving 50% off everything so I ordered Linda's book Simplified Design and Color for Artists and also her Negative Painting Techniques for Acrylic. At $15 each and no shipping. I can use these in my classes.

I also signed up for Johnnes Vloothuis's three week online webinar for $11! 

I am bummed as will miss part of Saturdays webinar as I have to judge a  gingerbread house contest at Kingwood Center at 2 pm and buy poinsettias for my classes next week and the greenhouse at Kingwood doesn't open until 3pm. Everything happens at the same time around the holidays. At least the webinar will be available to download for free for whoever signs up. He is going to paint the Grand Canyon in oil on Saturday.


  1. I'm surprised you would learn much from Johnnes Vloothuis. I find your painting better than his.

  2. I'm signed up for the webinar tomorrow, too. Hope I get as much out of his lesson as you have.