Thursday, December 12, 2013

Demo Paintings

This is the photo and the value sketch that I used to do my demo last Saturday. As you can see in the value sketch I changed some things to make it a better painting. Then two days before the event I painted the demo and did it in one hour and fifteen minutes. This is the result. 11x14 Oil
 It is not perfect but I worked on it later and corrected a few things.I had the two tall trees the same height and I did not like the bank area and some more detail was needed in the focal point area so this is the corrected painting.
This next painting is the demo I did on Saturday in front of the group. I had premixed my colors and it did take one hour and a half, due to late comers that needed explanation as to what had previously been done and questions. I did work on a few details after I brought the demo home.
I do like this mountain ridge better than the first but overall it works.
Then I came home and did this one! Guess I was just in a painting mood.
The photo is a little dark and needs to be photographed better.

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