Monday, December 23, 2013

The Gift of Pet Portraits

Gifts of Pets completed yesterday. The dog, Piper, likes to ride in the front of the boat so that is why the background. It probably would have been better as an 8x10 but I wanted them to be a matchiing pair. I could have raised the dog's head a bit but then the horizon line would have been in a strange place so thus it was done. The cat, Pumpkin was put on the black canvas to make her look like she was focusing on something exciting. I hope they like their pet portraits.
Tonight is our family Christmas and most everything is done except for wrapping. I actually sold  two paintings that were shipped and will post after Christmas as I don't want to spoil the surprise. I had printed off the Poinsettia painting on Yupo and used it as a Christmas card.  
. I am looking forward to painting some things I have been wanting to try. I have a Christmas break. Two more days of work at Kingwood before the new year. Then classes start the second week of January . I am seriously thinking of doing a 30 day challenge. A painting everyday for 30 days. I believe I can do it. To prepare ,will go through my pictures and decide what to do for each day. 
 Have a great Holiday!

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