Monday, December 16, 2013

Paintings for Christmas

Attempting to get Christmas things done. I did get all my cards done and need to send my emails soon. I decided to paint something special for a gardener at Kingwood Center whose name I drew for the exchange. So did this little 5x7 Oil.I wanted a painting that depicted Kingwood and the Perennial Garden inspired me with the Mansion in the distance.
Then decided to print them so everyone who works at Kingwood would get a print for the Christmas Party this week. Then I thought of a few more people who might like to have one also. So now to mat them and frame the oil.

Then I am going to do some acrylics, small on little canvases.
So off to work as tomorrow I have a class in the morning and a party Wednesday noon and a class in the evening. It seems the days are flying by and little time to paint.

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