Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Newsletter and New work in progress

 The photo  is my inspiration. I loved the colors and the abstract shapes of the snow and foliage. I did a quick value study which I try to do with each painting when I design it. I mixed up some puddles of blue, white , lavender, permanent rose First.Then added some white to the colors for the lights. Then knifed in my darks and then the lights. I decided to add some spots of dark to make a better composition. Then decided I needed a spot of sunlight. The yellow white may be a little strong and may be muted tomorrow. My center of interest will be where the spot of red is in the upper right area. This is very heavily painted and will be a challenge to add paint on top of paint. It takes a very light touch.

I will work on this tomorrow afternoon as tomorrow morning I am volunteering in the office of Kingwood Center helping with mailings. Possibly mailing tickets to members for the Christmas House Tour in December.

Worked on my first newsletter and did get it sent today. I have a couple errors and need to learn how to make my websites clickable! Which I think I figured it out with this post.
Thought I would get this posted as it is windy, rainy and we are under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and a Tornado Watch.

My new website is up and running.

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