Tuesday, February 7, 2017

French Bonbon and Cherry Delight paintings and the French experience.

Bon Jour
My beret, found in my Mom's Red Hat Collection
This is a new start with Dreama Toll e Perry's class "Once Upon a Time in Provence. What an exciting online experience.  Not only do we learn to paint but learn French words and phrases, get French movie recommendations, French recipes, Music, Meditation, and so much positive encouragement.  I am loving this new technique of oil painting .

 I am trying to keep up with my art journal and my regular journal also. .This morning  I went to a Balance Class  and really liked it. It was a good workout. Then I walked the dog between rain showers.

This is the underpainting of The Petite Bonbon

The Petite Bonbon 6x6 Oil

Cherry Delight 6x6 Oil.

This is surely a challenging experience. Putting on all that transparent color with the medium, then putting regular paint, with no medium on top. Sometimes having to use a butterfly touch as Debra Joyce Dawson taught me. Today I will work on another sweet treat with a strawberry. 
Au Revoir! until next week

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  1. Judy, I have happily stumbled upon your blog. While scrolling through your artwork, I saw a cupcake that looked very familiar - familiar because I took a 3 day workshop with Dreama in Indiana a few years back. I'm happy for you that you are taking her online class. She is so lovely, inside and out, and is a wonderful teacher. Your artwork is beautiful, and I look forward to seeing more of it on your blog.