Sunday, February 3, 2013

I was really inspired by the Napali Coast on Kauai, Hawaii. I actually hiked that coast but never made it to the beach. It rained, it poured, we had to go across a river that was chest high and walk on narrow wet slippery paths, sleep in a recluse's cabin huddled together as it got cold. It was traumatic to my knees. I could not turn over in my bed without picking my knees up and moving them that way. One of a great adventure I loved.
The second picture is a path in Montana, where I lived for quite a few years. I actually spent a day with Clyde Aspevig learning Plein Air in the 80's when it wasn't called Plein Air. I studied with a number of artists in Montana, Jessica Zemsky who does beautiful children's portraits in pastel and gouache. Her husband, Jack Hines, Don Marvine, Jerry Inman and a couple who I can't remember their names!

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  1. Lovely paintings, Judy. Are they new ones? Nice to read your memories as well. Oh don't we love our knees!