Tuesday, September 10, 2013

#5 is the top one. 16x20 Blue Heron acrylic. Done for a painting party, of which they now want a Fall scene so if I have time this week I will change this to a Fall scene!
Next is #6 5x7 oil, done from some Zinnias which I bought last Tuesday at the Farmer's Market and here it is Tuesday again. These are all so wet it is hard to photograph them.
#7 was finished this morning as a demo for my class. The photo below was the photo that we used. The theory used: You can make a great painting from a bad photo. This is an 8x10 oil. Teaching everything I have learned in Johannes Vloothuis's classes for almost three years and still learning. And all those lessons that I have taken over years of workshops, reading art books, and just plain painting, Oh, and plein air painting.

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