Sunday, June 5, 2016

Grand Canyon and Peonies

I had a staff meeting on Thursday so was only able to do a quick sketch with My plein air painters. Friday was spent on errands and cleaning and laundry. The Grand Canyon painting was done as a paintalong with Johannes. I really enjoyed this painting as it really popped with the background being done. I did have trouble with the rocks. Everytime I do a paintalong I learn so much. How to create depth, how to look for clones, varigating my colors, making abstract shapes.It is an 11x14 oil. I had a hard time keeping up and did photo the progress with my phone but unable to upload to my laptop. I will have to take my camera for photos.

The rain knocked my peonies to the ground and they had just bloomed! I brought them in and painted them. I loved painting these and working with the brushstrokes.It is a 8x8 oil. I am getting better at getting depth in the petals. I painted the flowers first then I decided to do the background with green umber and then put other colors into it.It was really wet so did not photo well.
My iris are gone already. I really wanted to paint them.

I had really hoped to have more days off to paint and thought that was scheduled but due to vacations, etc, I have to work more again. I will paint Thursday through Saturday. Oh shoot, have a doctors appointment in Columbus on Friday but maybe can get something done that afternoon.

I have been doing little sketches everyday so I am happy with that.

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  1. Hello JFW! It's a nice Blog you have going here and how lovely it is to use a (presumably) self-portrait for your picture. Painting is such a lovely hobby I do some watercolour paintings and when I do the hours fly by!
    CLICK HERE for Bazza’s fabulous Blog ‘To Discover Ice’