Thursday, April 29, 2010

Phlox on Top

What inspired me was the beautiful phlox cascading down the steps at Kingwood Garden Center. Again I used the colorist instructions...difficult but feel it will be easier as I do more studying and painting in this manner. I first block in the large masses, light first, then darks, or warms then cools, When all the color seems right then go to the top colors that make the real colors..confusing? Right! me, too! Then you do the mid tones...then what details you have left. I really think I will get it eventually. I am getting dramatic paintings, stronger paintings but think I have a way to go with the color...Also using lots of paint and a palette knife because that is the only way to put wet paint on top of wet paint. I have not got the knife technique down yet either. It has been fun. This was painted on the 23rd of April. I painted the barn again today but it turned cloudy and my perspective is off so need to work on that before I photo it for the blog.

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