Friday, December 5, 2014

Prairie Paintings

What ever happened to this year? I cannot believe I have not posted since the end of March. I went to work on April 1 and November was the first month I was off. Now back to work two days a month. I was painting throughout the year for the Ohio Plein Air Society project. Painting prairies was the theme and the first two paintings here were juried into the show "Ohio Prairies, a Year in the Life" at the Springfield Museum of Art, Dec. 6 to February 22,2015.Those titles are "Guy Dennis's Prairie" and "Kingwood Prairie". The third one's title is "Gorman Prairie" and that painting was not juried in. I actually did eleven prairie paintings. I also did agility with my dog and we completed Level 1 in Canine Performance Events and are almost done with Level 2. So something had to go and I guess it was the blog. I also quit doing my newsletter. I did not get any feedback from it and it was very timeconsuming to do it. I did a number of classes and wine and painting classes so it was a fruitful summer. I hope to get back to it all and stay caught up.Life certainly gets in the way of the best laid plans!

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