Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday paintings

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. The weather was sunny and warm in Ohio. It has been a busy week. I have been trying to follow a schedule. I continue to tweak the schedule to find time to paint. Life manages to get in the way frequently. Sweeper break and need fixed, the new weedeater needed put together and Tosca wants to go out more often because there is a rabbit that has been staying in the yard that she likes to chase. She does stop chasing before she catches it. I think she lives under the deck and I think I saw two last night so I expect baby bunnies might happen!
I did manage to work on two 11x14 canvas boards from Johannes Vloothaus last lessons. He did the trees scene in oils and the waterfall in pastel, mostly pan pastels. I am getting a set of 20 soon from an artist friend who doesn't care for them. I will probably use them on top of watercolor.
I need to change the round shape of the large tree as it is too round so will post the changes next week. It is supposed to storm and rain so that means inside work. I am trying to get things ready as I go back to work at Kingwood Center Gardens in the ticket booth on April 2nd. Hopefully my schedule will work so that I can get more painting done and I want to get my newsletter done this week also. I also have sold 16 prints of the Longhorn on Fine Art America!
The photo is not good. Fine Art America now does prints,pillows,duvets, shower curtains and cell phone covers of the paintins. I think I will give some pillows as gifts. Have a great week!
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