Thursday, January 3, 2013

I worked on this plein air oil today. I got a late start because I had books due at the library and needed a few groceries. Then I got caught up with my mortgage company for a long time as my January payment went to the old mortgage which is paid off instead of the new mortgage.It took a long time but it will be automatic now. So....this painting was done last Fall and I don't believe I photographed it. It was dull and too pinkish. So I darkened a lot of it and lightened the sun lit places and I am much more happy with it. When ever the sun comes out (I live in mid Ohio) I will photo real well but it is cloudy and only 26 degrees. The dogs are begging to be fed and I am going to practice with Tosca, my Australian Shepherd I rescued 6 months ago for some agility moves. We have 8 inches of snow so have to do it in the house.

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