Monday, March 3, 2014

Wyoming River Oil

Wyoming River 11x14 Oil
Painted this on Saturday March 1st  Spent most of the day doing it. In looking at it now I feel that mountain looks so solitary so I may add more mountain area  to the left.

March 1st there was an event at Richland Academy where a number of artists set up their work for people to buy. I sold two paintings. Morniing Bales and Shawshank Tree in Summer.
Summer Bales 8x10 Oil
Shawshank Tree in Summer 8x10 Oil

I am hoping that this is the last  very cold day. Eleven degrees today. I want to photograph my paintings better..
This weekend I have a horrible sore throat and cough. My son brought me a new computer and I have not felt like loading it with the needed apps. Perhaps tomorrow I will feel better and paint.I have spent quite a few days working on other watercolor paintings.that haven't gone very well.

I am workimg on my newsletter and my website.

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