Friday, January 3, 2014

30 paintings in 30 days #3

Possibilities 8x10 Oil
I am having trouble photographing these paintings. The ipad does the best job. But the glare from the wet paint is a problem. These will all have to be rephotographed. This is from a photo from Johannes Vloothuis. He did the demo in pastel and gave us the video to watch. I have not had time to watch it but decided to paint the picture. Since it was -4 degrees with about 6 inches of snow, I was in the mood.  Again I blocked in the main colors. I was inspired by the warm light and the warm trees. I love the composition. The photo did not have a lot of sunlight so again I improvised and put a little mystery into it.
I still have not had time to organize my photographs on the computer or work on my website. It seems I just have time for chores and painting, photographing, uploading and Photoshoping for this challenge.

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