Saturday, January 4, 2014

30 Paintings in 30 days #4

#4 Sunset Swamp 5x7 Oil
I completed this last night and of course it is hard to photo at night. I wanted to get ahead as I am busy today with a 5 hour seminar with my favorite teacher, Johannes Vloothuis,
I chose this little canvas panel....a mistake as it had been gessoed thickly and of course I could not get the smoothness of the water. I really like  those smooth panels to work on but they are pricey. I did not do a value study as the photo already had it. I changed a few lines to be more melodic. The sun spot was in the right location and the light was already there so just went ahead and blocked in the main colors and then did the detail. This would be a fun one on a larger panel. Also I have taken to doing an acrylic wash on my canvases to prevent the paint from soaking in. I really should get some shellac like Marc Hanson uses to seal my canvas boards. Will look into that.....I am learning a lot with all this painting, such as what kind of support I like to paint on, what colors I prefer, and being prepared the previous day as to what I am going to paint and getting it all together.
I will be working on my newsletter today and hopefully the new website. I spent a good deal of time yesterday watching videos on how to set it up.
I must go to the grocery as we are to get 6-10 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow and then the temps will plunge to below zero and I am getting low on catfood, and birdseed and a few other items. Until tomorrow...remember....."No mistakes, only lessons!" and keep painting.

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