Wednesday, January 29, 2014

30 Paintings in 30 days

Roses 9x5 Mixed Media

Zinnias 9x5 Mixed media

Need to rephoto the last one as it was apparently still wet. These were originally watercolors that went bad, overworked, interrupted and generally not up to par. I covered them with acrylic on top and they are not the best but I am up to date. Maybe will do two today so I am ahead of the game. I think I should try to paint every day in February as I am learning what I like as far as medium. Oil is my first choice, watercolor next,then acrylic. I do like pastels but I don't have room for them to be out and I feel I should perfect the medium of choice although it is always good to experiment with new materials.I have really liked experimenting with the negative painting in Linda Kemp's book, but am not too good at it and thus the acrylic overlay of these paintings.
Now that I have the laptop and have mostly figured it out I will be doing my newsletter and posting new paintings at my website

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